The work is always in progress, so why not include the fans in the process.


Client: Universal Music Group, Advanced Media

The Problem: The music industry has changed; people don't buy music anymore, so new means of revenue generation have to be considered when building an advertising campaign.

The Big Idea: Much like the constant flow of change in music, Halsey is a work-- and an artist-- in progress, changing and in the process of inventing herself. She’s unfinished.


Nowadays, music listeners are interested in more than just records. Artists are more interesting when you can see their process.


  • A Destination
  • A documentary of Halsey's life
  • Brand partnerships with Urban Outfitters and YouTube Creative Studio
  • Re-imagining vinyl packaging

PR Tactics

The Team:


Creative: Megan Fullagar, Marika Bailey, Emilio Colombrio, Cassondra Bazelow

Strategy: Dayln Francis, Nicole Lebenson, Rolando Leal

PR: Ahmet Reisli, DelPrado Taylor, Anthony Mundle