More than Just Words

Look Past the Noise

Client: The Colin Powell School, City College, Human Rights Forum Event

Insight: Historically significant, yet accessible to many, the Colin Powell School, has an opportunity to differentiate itself by channeling its efforts into helping students feel like they a part of a community.

Concept:  Play with the idea of the tension and space between differing perspectives and points of view, like the spaces between colors of light as they move through a prism. We wanted challenge students to participate in the conversation instead of letting their views limit themselves.


  • Print Campaign
  • Commercial
  • PR Stragegy
Diversity is important to me because without diversity, one loses complexity. Diversity allows for different voices, different portrayals, [and] nuance in understanding of collaboration
— CPS Survey about Millennials Perceptions about Learning


Creative: Megan Fullagar, Marika Bailey, Emilio Colombrio

Strategy: Dayln Francis, Nicole Lebenson, Rolando Leal

PR: Ahmet Reisli, DelPrado Taylor, Anthony Mundle